Econature Chicken Chunks Kitten – Premium Wet Food – 400G

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Econature is Pakistan’s leading imported cat food brand. Having already established dominance in the dry food space, we’re now introducing wet food cans for kittens and adult cats. Building on the long standing values of zero compromise on quality and nutrition, Econature’s Wet Food cans offer a perfect balance between quality and price for your beloved pets.

Excellent high palatability ensures even the fussiest of cats will be clamoring to devour the meaty goodness that Econature Wet Food cans offer. And a no-grain fillers formula means they get more meat than carbs to maintain their health and optimum weight.

Unlike most other brands, Econature’s Wet Food cans contain meaty chunks in sauce instead of jelly. Low preservatives and no gelatin ensure your cat gets all natural goodness.