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Pet Beds

One of a kind pet beds are designed with love by animal rescuer Sarah J.K after experiencing over a decade of mishaps and bed destructions that left her and many other pet owners completely frustrated - The beds are completely manufactured in Pakistan from the smallest stitch to the premium quality finished product. So your pet gets the very best, and you can rest easy knowing this bed is long-lasting & durable. 


The Vinyl Coated Polyester top and bottom provides exceptional tear strength and dimensional stability while maintaining a delicate weave texture that is both beautiful and has a very nice soft and comfortable feel to it - making your pet feel like royalty. Completely waterproof to guard against accidental soiling by your pets, or accidental spills. The fabric has strong resistance to stains, dirt, mildew, oil, salt, chemicals and UV rays and has exceptional strength and durability.

High quality premium Polyester Dazzle fabric sides in bright neon colors distinguished by the pattern of tiny holes in the weave of the material allow moisture wicking, quick drying and air circulation for the internal padding to help prevent smell retention as well as resist formation of mold and fungus on the inner the padding. Waterproof yet breathable, Polyester Dazzle is stronger than denim and is easily maintained with minimal care.