LaVital Maxi Puppy – Lamb


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Effeffe is Italy’s No. 1 pet food selling and manufacturing company. With production facilities located around the world, Effeffe Italy is unmatched in their production and pet food formulation experience.

LaVital by Effeffe is a line of super premium pet food. Considered one of the top tier brands in pet nutrition, LaVital has been a long standing success in terms of both quality, pet acceptance, and affordability.

Large breed dogs need food that best suits their living standards in order to have the right weight and strong joints. In some cases, our dear friends may experience problems such as digestive sensitivity and joint pain. In order to prevent this, you need to be careful about how and with which foods you feed your pet. Foods that have an appropriate energy level are very important for our dear friends to ensure optimal body care and healthy bone development.

LaVital Maxi Puppy Lamb Formula has been specially formulated for large breed puppies to have a healthy growth period and to meet all their nutritional needs from the 2nd to the 15th month. It contributes to a healthy digestion with its content that supports intestinal activity. LaVital Maxi Puppy Lamb Formula helps your puppy’s growth and immune system with its special content.

All ingredients are GMO free, and their high quality ensures easy digestion. With specific focus on your puppy’s health, LaVital Maxi Puppy is the only kibble you will need.

Currently available in 3KG and 15KG packaging. The state of the art packaging ensures that your canine friend’s food stays fresh for longer.