Perfect Low Grain Kitten Food - Chicken - 1.5KG


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Perfect, which has a 99% satisfaction rate, has the highest quality product range produced in Turkiye.
Perfect pet foods are prepared with the freshest and most natural ingredients. It is especially formulated to support the hair and joint health, development, and immunity of our sensitive furry friends.
Perfect Low Grain Kitten Food is the ultimate dry kitten food, carefully crafted to provide your little ball of fur with the best possible start in life. As the top-quality dry kitten food produced in Turkiye, Perfect is formulated with the finest ingredients and a low grain content, ensuring your kitten receives the nutrition they need to thrive.
Our unique recipe is designed to mimic a kitten's natural diet, with a focus on protein-rich ingredients like chicken. By limiting grain content, we've created a food that's easier to digest and less likely to cause allergies or sensitivities.
- High-quality protein sources for optimal growth and development
- Low grain content for improved digestibility
- Rich in essential vitamins and minerals
- Supports healthy coat and skin development 
Choose Perfect for your kitten's nutritional needs, and give them the foundation they need for a happy, healthy life!



Dried and fresh chicken meat (50%), brown rice, peas, chickpeas, potatoes, refined chicken fat, brewer’s yeast, hydrolyzed chicken liver, nucleotide yeast protein, minerals, prebiotic manan oligosaccharides, seaweed, yucca extract, turmeric root powder, pumpkin, carrot, pomegranate, yucca escrat, psyllium.
Crude Analysis
Protein - 35%, Fat - 18%, Ash - 5%, Cellulose - 3%, Moisture - 8%, Omega 6 - 3.6%, Omega 3 - 0.65%
Vitamin A - 37,000 iU; Vitamin D - 2,250 iU; Vitamin C - 38 mg; Vitamin E - 150 mg; Taurine - 2,600mg